It's really hard to define what we are: we are NOT a production company, we are NOT a collective, we are NOT a design studio, we are NOT an agency. We are a group of people that bonded in search for magnificence, to experience as much as we could and to be as near as possible to the multifariousness of the human experience. To understand the madness we were born in and try to give something back to the cosmos.

WE ARE BANZAISTUDIO! Thales Banzai + Fernando Nogari + Luan Banzai + Rimon Guimarães
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Google for Education - Recycling Rivers

Client: Google
Agency/Production Company: Across The Pond London
Local Production Company: Claraluz Filmes

Director: Thales Banzai
Cinematography: Camila Cornelsen
Producer: Daniel Favaretto
1st AD: Daniel Alfaya
1st Cam Assist: Thiago Augusto
2nd Cam Assist: Milena Seta
Logger: Carolina Sugiyama
Gaffer: Jéssika Montanha
Drone Operator: Renato Passareli
Sound Operator: Caio Beraldo
Editing: Luan Banzai & Noémie Creux;
Grading: Marla Colour Grading
Audio Prod: Grand Central Recording Studios