It's really hard to define what we are: we are NOT a production company, we are NOT a collective, we are NOT a design studio, we are NOT an agency. We are a group of people that bonded in search for magnificence, to experience as much as we could and to be as near as possible to the multifariousness of the human experience. To understand the madness we were born in and try to give something back to the cosmos.

WE ARE BANZAISTUDIO! Thales Banzai + Fernando Nogari + Luan Banzai + Rimon Guimarães
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NightOut - VOX

Produtora: Banzai Studio
Direção: Thales Banzai
1st A.D.: Thais Cocca
D.o.P: William Sossai
Gaffer / 1st Ass. Camera: Felipe Mejia
Direção de Arte: Marta Santos
Figurino: Talita Portela
Make: Eliane Aptz
Produtora de Elenco: Cris Thainy
Produtora de Áudio: Gramy Audio Original
Trilha Sonora: André França
Storyboard: Guilherme CandyLand
Edição / Finalização: Banzai Studio