It's really hard to define what we are: we are NOT a production company, we are NOT a collective, we are NOT a design studio, we are NOT an agency. We are a group of people that bonded in search for magnificence, to experience as much as we could and to be as near as possible to the multifariousness of the human experience. To understand the madness we were born in and try to give something back to the cosmos.

WE ARE BANZAISTUDIO! Thales Banzai + Fernando Nogari + Luan Banzai + Rimon Guimarães
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What Young People Call Music, EP01 - NOWNESS

Traversing the chaotic world of Brazil's clubbing scene in a lo-fi study of nightlife.
Trapped in a country submerged in political, social and economic chaos, youngsters from different backgrounds, races and genres occupy abandoned warehouses, train stations, parks and universities. Together they claim back the right to express themselves as a genuine force of change and as individuals who think, move and exist. Aquilo Que os Jovens Chamam de Música is a portrait of what these nights feel like, seen from the perspective of a girl who’s trying to find her way.
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Written / Directed by Fernando Nogari and Co-directed by Thales Banzai.
Created in Partnership with VOID and FLAGCX.
Cinematography by Fernando Nogari and Thales Banzai.
Grading by Fernando Lui / ClanFX.
Soundmixing by ModularSafari.